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Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense from fire. They can prevent a fire from spreading to encompass an entire area. They also help secure a means of escape from an area that becomes blocked by fire. This is why extinguishers should be properly located and frequently inspected. Once an emergency happens, it is too late to think about safety and fire extinguishers.  

FLAMESTOPPERS offers monthly fire extinguisher inspection to ensure our customers remain;

Staying in compliance can prove to be a difficult task. This is why we train our employees constantly to maintain a working knowledge of current laws and changes to those laws that pertain to our customers and their equipment. 
Being safe starts with frequent inspections and training. We offer both to you and your employees so in the event of an emergency you are ready to act without thought and incident.
Working egress lights and fire extinguishers are key in the event of a fire or other disaster.
Preparedness starts with frequent inspections and ends with proper education and training. We keep our employees well trained on the importance of egress lighting and extinguisher maintenance so they ensure they are ready and working for you if you need to use them. Proper location and visibility is the key to success when referring to fire extinguishers. 

Our monthly customer gain access to the following features;

Detailed Reports
Customer Portal
Free Annuals


Detailed Monthly Reports
Customer Portal
Free Annual Inspections

Our annual inspection customers also get detailed reports that display an itemized list of their equipment with detailed descriptions of location and the service dates of each extinguisher.